Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Stuff Going On

I'm still waiting to hear from my Bead Soup partner Jane Haag, of MJDesigns so that I can show you what she sent me!  Also waiting for the postal service to deliver the wire and other components I'm planning to use for my Bead Soup jewelry.

Got my "Bead Design Studio" magazine today, and what do you know?  There's an article in their "Marketing 101" section about Blogging!  You know, tips to get your work seen and sold?  Anyway, it was a pleasant surprise to read that Lori Anderson is one of the main people they interviewed to talk about blogging and how to get your work seen by others!  Kinda feels like I know a celebrity!  There were lots of neat tips and ideas to jumpstart a blog.  Lori is the perfect person to ask about that, especially since she's the one who inspired me!

As I did some "hopping" this morning, I ran across a post about one of Lori's "GiveAway's." She's always doing them and she is such a generous lady!  To win one of the lovely things she brought back from the Bead and Button Show,

1) Post on your blog about this,
2) Leave a comment below her blog with your favorite giveaway


3)  Facebook about this
4) Twitter about this

In your comments, please let Lori know what you've done.

CONTEST ENDS Friday the 13th of July
  (how can that day be unlucky????)
So I'm in it to win it!  I commented that I would love to win anything she has to offer such as a selection of "bits and bobs," jewelry components that are so pretty and inspiring.  Then there's her Bead Soup Book!  I would love that just to read more about how she does it.  Can you imagine what she puts into a project like this?  She is also offering her eBook on blogging inspirations.  And a neat "I'm a Bead Souper!" tote bag!  

Wish me luck!
As most of us in the United States know, it's hot as blue blazes out there!  North Carolina was promised a "cold front" to come thru today, but I think the dang thing has stalled.  It's overcast and about 78 degrees.  I shouldn't complain, it could certainly be worse!  I am sympathetic to those of you suffering triple digit weather....we've hit a hundred here too for a couple or three days.   But I moved out of Louisiana and up to the Blue Ridge Mountains of NC to get away from the heat!  The idea of not needing an air conditioner in the summer sounded like heaven to me.  So here we are in these beautiful mountains with no AC.  I'm sure ole Al Gore is doing a happy dance!  I may have to move in with Sarah Palin to have year round AC.

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